The “Vasovic” company's manufacturing plant consists of the most up to date machines used for packing of frozen fish, fish products and seafood.

From the very beginning, the production functions according to the highest European standards which we have already confirmed by introducing the international quality system- HACCP and ISO 9001, as well as by claiming the permission to export the goods both to the European Union and Third World Countries.

This also implies the prospect of packing the fish at the buyer's request in the form of their own brand which is applied for domestic as well as the European market. 


Namely, HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points. This is a system which serves to prove the food safety and it is based on the analysis and control of potential biological, i.e. microbiological, chemical and physical dangers which the raw materials are exposed to. In addition, it deals with possible handling, production, distribution and consummation dangers of the final product.

With the help of this food safety system, a series of procedures within the control process of the food production are covered. It also helps to spot critical points throughout the process, resulting in the final aim- the customer consumes the groceries in the manner which is safe for their health. The HACCP system is adjusted to all sorts of groceries and all types of production and food handling.

The HACCP system identifies and controls the health dangers which are particularly risky for food safety. The main characteristics of the system are the following: it is scientifically based, it acts preventively, uses a risk mark as a tool, it is systematic, documented and verifiable. The advantages of using this system are transparent both for the consumers and our company.

To consumers, it means that with the help of the HACCP system it is ensured that the groceries are health safe which further implies that the food- borne diseases are reduced and the company is ascertained to enjoy a high level of confidence amongst national supervisory authorities, consumers and other interested parties.

Closer to the fish- closer to the consumer

We strive for reaching the strongest position in domestic and various local markets which would enable our long term capacity to launch our products.

In order to achieve this, it is essential that our production capacity is recognized by large and quality fish farms worldwide, which in terms own the most up to date ships where the instant freezing of fish and seafood is performed.

This way, we ensure that the fresh take is transported to our consumers within our production plant.

FAO fishing area boundary


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